22 Sep

SEIU Attack Black Tea Party Patriot & Tampa Town DNC Slaps Man

Now Obama is sending the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to beat up Tea Party People. So last night in St Louis they beat up a black man who was handing out buttons and flags as a protest against the runaway out of control federal government.

President Obama has said that the “tea party patriots” who have questioned his plan for the takeover of health care by the government are using “mob tactics.” Here is a quick video of Moveon.org, SEIU, and DNC using “mob tactics.” We are just a group of grassroots activists that want our elected representatives to have full and open debate on health care reform. In this video patriots our verbally and physically attacked by DNC mob members. At the Tampa Town Hall, a guy was “slapped” by a local Democrat treasurer. Other people were pushed out of the room, just for questioning the health care bill.