22 Aug

97% of Bus Drivers Say Remove Union, SEIU’s Bad Druggist Policy

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Right to Work news update.

In Monroeville, Pennsylvania, Gateway School District’s bus drivers have won the right to a secret-ballot vote to determine whether if they want to remove the Amalgamated Transit Union from their workplace.

The bus drivers will finally have a chance to vote on June 27, after 102 of the roughly 105 bus drivers signed the fourth petition they filed with the National Labor Relations Board asking for the secret-ballot election four times.

ATU Local 1729 officials moved to block the workers’ petitions, but late last week, the NLRB Regional Director ruled in favor of the workers’ latest request for an election.

In other news, a Santa Clara Valley Medical Center pharmacist has filed a state charge against a local union for illegally refusing to honor her right to refrain from full dues-paying union membership.

Han Kwan Wong filed the charge with the California Public Employment Relations Board against Service Employees International Union Local 521 for illegally forcing her into full union dues payments against her will.

In December 2013, Wong attempted to hand deliver a letter to SEIU Local 521 notifying the union hierarchy that she was exercising her right to refrain from formal union membership. Wong then sent a certified letter to the union hierarchy. SEIU Local 521 union officials responded by acknowledging Wong’s resignation letter but still continue to extract full union dues from her paychecks — claiming the union membership resignation did not meet the union’s criteria.

Wong’s charge seeks an acknowledgment from the union that she is no longer a union member, an independently-audited breakdown of union expenditures, a refund of illegally-seized forced union dues from her paychecks dating back to December, and the posting of notices in the workplace informing workers of their right to refrain from union membership.

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